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Soaked for a Cause

Posted on: July 21, 2015 9:00 am
Tags: Party with a purpose, Non-profits,

Princeton's National Honor Society announces that Princeton's High School principal Charles Ogden, School Board President Susan Wyder, Assistant High School principal Mike Wilson and former Cincinnati Bengal Keith Rucker will be taking their turns in the dunk tank.  Hats off to them for climbing into the tank.

Money raised at the dunk tank will be going to the St. Joseph Home

Since 1873, the St. Joseph Home has provided needed care to our community.  They care for people with severe to profound disabilities and complex medical needs.  They provide respite care along with providing a caring home for their residents.

So we need you to dunk our dunkees as often as possible.  You'll have fun and the money raised will help a wonderful organization right in Sharonville.  Plus, it is fun to drop a principal in a tank of water.