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Taking fun seriously

Posted on: May 6, 2014 1:00 pm
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Gamin' Theater, Laser Tag

Video Theater and Laser Tag are coming to SharonFest

SharonFest 2014 is taking fun seriously this year.  We will have a wide assortment of inflatable rides, both big and small, that will bring plenty of smiles to kids faces.  Having a great selection of fun and challenging rides has become a SharonFest tradition.

But we are not stopping there.  This year we will be adding a huge mobile video game theater.  This theater has 16 high tech gaming seats and 14 consoles (Xbox, Playstation 4 & Wii).  The theater is so large it even has two 55" screens on the outside of the trailer, under an awning.  The theater is stocked with the latest games like Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Madden 25, NCAA 14 Football, NBA2K14, every Mario game you can think of and much more.  Up to 24 players can be playing at the same time.  Oh, and the theater is air conditioned.

And if shooting on the video screen isn't enough for you, we will also have outdoor Laser Tag.  Complete with bases, bunkers, out zones, phasers and headbands, this fast paced laser tag experience is great for folks of all ages. You can play games like Capture the Flag, Zombie Apocalypse, Prisoner of War and more.

That should be enough fun for children and adults alike, but we weren't done yet. The Extreme Air bungee ride will also be at the festival. The ride combines trampolines, bungees and hydraulics to create a ride that is a thrill to do and a blast to watch.

Gower Park in Sharonville, OH on July 25 and July 26 will be Fun Central.